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Art and Design
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Art and design encourages children to explore and develop their creativity and imagination. Our unique site provides a dynamic visual world with, unlimited visual, tactile and sensory experiences and stimulates children to record what they see and imagine. Through their enjoyment and inspiration pupils can use colour, form, texture, pattern and different materials to communicate what they see, feel and think.

Teacher Led Visits

The diversity of the site offers the chance for study of units:

The Museum's 50-acre site provides an inspirational setting for pupils' creativity to be explored and linked in a cross-curricular way with other subjects such as Literacy, Mathematics, History, Geography and Science. In fact it is unusual for schools not to incorporate this subject into their visit.

Other Information

Fireplaces The Museum's buildings contain examples of the development of fireplaces from a simple open hearth through smoke bays to chimneys.  A tangible example of design evolution. Details
Line Drawings for Colouring A series of monochrome line drawings of many of the exhibits at the museum.  Click for a pdf format file that you may print.  

Museum Special Events

Museum Special Event Days cover an interesting range of activities that teachers may wish to use to provide wider experiences to schoolchildren.  For a complete list of these events go to the Museum website.