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English / Pendean Farmhouse
Pendean Farmhouse, timber framed, built 1607.
Pendean Farmhouse  Fireplace decorated with ruddling
and pencilling
Storage room on
1st floor
Pigsty Table laid for  a meal

Pendean is a timber framed building and was built in 1609. The interior rooms are fully furnished with replica furniture. A very atmospheric exhibit it has the reputation of having a resident ghost. An ideal situation for encouraging pupils to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. This beautiful old house is often used for filming historical documentaries and dramas.

Suggested Topics

Develop the idea of the ghost and write a suspense story – use a variety of connectives, e.g. without warning, suddenly, lull the reader into false sense of security – get characters to be doing something pleasant and then create a dilemma – this helps create suspense; use sentences such as her lip trembled, to create fear.

Perhaps consider the story from the ghost’s point of view – is he or she a friendly ghost who loves haunting Pendean?  Why are they there?  How did they die?


Ghostly Move 

He died peacefully in Pendean Farmhouse, in 1670, sixty years since his birth there. For the next three hundred years he kept an eye on the place, and the families who lived there. They often heard him walking about. "A friendly ghost" they said. 

For a long time there were few changes, the sound of horses and cries of "Whoa" continued down the years. Then he became aware of strange rumblings, and references to "tractors", "cars". 

In the 1960s the house was empty. He felt lonely, until one day he heard voices. "An original beam" stated one. "This was added in the nineteenth century" said another.  Later, he heard hammering. The house shook. Its timbers were being taken apart and loaded on to a "lorry". He clung to a beam and was alarmed as the countryside moved alongside, then stopped. Ten years passed. There was more hammering. The house was back together again. 

"Singleton is brill!" said a young voice downstairs. "Yes" said an older one. "The Weald & Downland Museum is special. This house came from Midhurst. And do you know: when I am here on my own I often hear someone walking about. A friendly ghost!". 

@Carol Brinson May 2004