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English / Treadwheel

Boy operating Treadwheel

The Treadwheel dates from the 17th century and was designed to raise water from a deep well. It is smaller than most donkey driven wheels and may have been driven by a man or boy. Perhaps a chance to reflect on the experiences of people in the past and how much manual or physical labour was involved in normal daily life?

Suggested Topic

Describe the boy’s typical day, also his thoughts and feelings. Concerning the view from the Treadwheel, write a poem using features of the landscape you see. Imagine the boy is writing the poem – he only sees this sight fleetingly, as he arrives or leaves work, or has a break but it may be the highlight of his day. How does this breathtaking view make him feel?

[Please note that we do encourage people to go into the wheel - picture as illustration of the point only.]