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Teacher information sheets

We have assembled other supporting documents that you may wish to use in developing your visit. Please click on each title below for further information. 

Life in Tudor times
People and society
Who lived in Bayleaf in the sixteenth century?
What is a yeoman?
Poverty and Poor Relief in the sixteenth century
What is a probate inventory?
Transcription of William Goldsmith Probate Inventory

The sixteenth century house
The Wealden House
Garden, orchard, shaws
Fireplaces ...from a simple open hearths through smoke bays to chimneys. 

Life in Victorian times
People and society
The Filkins Family lived at No. 1 Whittakers Cottages from 1891 to 1914
Feeding the family: the daily diet of rural workers in the late 19th century
Toll House and turnpike trusts
The Temperance Movement
Charitable Clubs and Friendly Societies in Ashtead

Victorian cottages - Whittakers Cottages

Education before 1870
Education 1870-1902
Going to school c.1880-1900

Other topics

Building materials
Wattle and daub
Roofing materials
Making bricks by hand

Charcoal burning

How the Lurgashall Mill Works

Building the Downland Gridshell