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Activity sheets for pupils
Please note that these pages are under development - if you can not find something you are looking for please email [email protected]

These activity sheets are included either as Word documents so that you may print them or edit them to suit your own requirements.  Others are Acrobat pdf files.


Triangle Trail Follow the triangle trail to find these shapes around the Museum.  (Early years/KS1) Details
Mathematics in Buildings What mathematics was used in a building? Details
Signpost Map Which way and how far?  Making a signpost map. Details
Shape in Buildings What shapes were used and why were they used?  Collecting shapes and explaining them. Details
Symmetry in Buildings Why did they use symmetrical shapes? Details
Proportions and Patterns in Buildings What is important in the design of a building.  Looking for symmetry, number patterns, and proportions in a range of buildings. Details
Ranking Which was the most important room? Details
Bricklaying Bricks: identification of different types of bond and measurements. Details
Catherington Treadwheel Simple machines, radius, diameter, circumference and volume. Details
Chaffcutter Simple gear ratios. Details
Counting Boards Medieval alternative to the calculator or pencil and paper. Details
Lurgashall Mill Complex gear trains. Details
Machinery and Gearing. Intermediate gear ratios. Details
Sixteenth Century Arithmetic Methods of multiplication Details
Timber Framed Buildings Frames and bays, observation, recording measurements and plans Details


The Importance of Wood You will examine several buildings to find out how people use wood.  Details
Track Back Wood A discovery pack about trees, wood and its uses. Details


Bayleaf - A Medieval Farmstead

Examine Bayleaf Farmstead in detail to find out about medieval farming. 

Everyday Medieval life Visit several houses to find out how medieval people lived. Details
Tudor Rich and Poor What were the differences between the lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times?  Combines a trip to the Museum with an ICT focus Details

Art and Design

Line Drawings for Colouring A series of monochrome line drawings of many of the exhibits at the museum.  Click for a pdf format file that you may print.  

Treasure hunts and Trails

Treasure Hunts Find hidden treasures around the Museum site Details
  Another hunt for hidden treasure around the Museum site Details
Window Wisdom Find the different windows around the Museum site Details
Building Materials Worksheet/Trail Hunt the different building materials, you could add even more to the list Details
I Spy... Activity Sheet Look for these items, you could add to the list. Details