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Science / Hambrook Barn

This 18th century barn houses the Museum's Introductory Exhibition showing traditional regional building materials and methods.

Suggested Topics

Possible links to National Curriculum Units 1 C and 3C.  Sorting and Using Materials and their Characteristics.

Bespoke guided tours can be tailored to look at specific historical periods, building materials in the south of England and how they are used in our vernacular buildings.  There are two other exhibits associated with brick making, the Brick Drying Shed from Petersfield in Hampshire and the the Pugmill from Redford in Surrey.

Brick Drying Shed  from Petersfield Pug Mill from Redford
Pit Sawing Saw Pit Shed from Sheffield Park

You may be interested to learn about Wattle and Daub, see our Saw Pit in action and experience Lime Slaking.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.