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Science / Woodlands, Farming and Gardens

The Museum has seven gardens associated with the historic buildings containing plants and vegetables that would have been grown in the period.  A strip system is cultivated in the traditional way and the Museum has a market garden growing traditional and now rare vegetables and salads.  The woodland is used for coppicing and rearing pigs. 

Suggested Topics

There are many opportunities around the site to link in with the following units

  • Unit 1B Growing Plants
  • Unit 2B Plants and animals in the local environment
  • Unit 3B Helping plants grow well
  • Unit 4B Habitats
  • Unit 5B Life Cycles
  • Unit 9D Plants for food

Workshops Using the Museum Landscape

Traditional Farming Sessions
An introduction to Medieval, Tudor or Victorian arable and livestock farming. Details
Side by Side Farming Visits to the Museum and Goodwood.
These visits take advantage of the connection between the Museum and the Goodwood Estate nearby.  Map of Goodwood.

An introduction to traditional historical farming in the morning at the Museum and an afternoon spent in the dairy and arable Home Farm on the Goodwood Estate.


Museum Special Events

  • Half term activities often include walks in the wood, tree walks, bug hunts and woodland trails, dissecting owl pellets, horse grooming and other seasonal farming activities.
  • Summer Activity Wednesdays
  • Autumn Countryside Event
  • Heavy Horse Event
  • The Wood Show
  • Pig to Pork

For details of these and other special events at the museum Click here.

Adult Courses

The museum has a comprehensive programme of courses for adults on farming, smallholding and other countryside topics relevant to the Science curriculum.  Click for information.

Other Information

The Woodlands Woodlands in the rural economy and the products and processes of traditional forestry. Details
Gardens Orchards and Shaws Landscape features surrounding the Bayleaf House with the character and detail of its original 16th century setting. Details