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During Key Stages 1 & 2 pupils observe, explore and ask questions about living things, materials and phenomena. Our site at the Museum offers many opportunities for them to work in groups, to collect evidence and to make links between ideas, explanations and theories. They can share their ideas and communicate them, and return to school with a wealth of information to be interpreted into conventional diagrams, charts and graphs.

Teacher Led Visits

Woodland, farming and gardens around the Museum. Shows stages in the production of charcoal. A number of simple machines to demonstrate gearing and power transmission. A typical timber framed structure from the 1860's with half of the construction exposed. This building contains hands-on exhibits to explore methods of building construction. Exhibition showing traditional regional buiilding materials. Working water mill shows early example of power transmission and gearing. This working smithy often has demonstrations of essential country crafts.


The Importance of Wood.  This can be used to encourage children to visit several buildings to find  out how people use wood. Click to view and/or print
Track Back Wood.  A discovery sheet on trees and related crafts around the Museum. Click to view and/or print
A worksheet based on the Catherington Treadwheel investigates radius, diameter and circumference and volume calculations. Click to view and/or print
A worksheet investigates the structure of the Pevensey Windpump and gearing ratios. Click to view and/or print.
A worksheet investigates the structure of the Lurgashall Mill power train and gearing ratios. Click to view and/or print

Museum Led Workshops

Building Materials - Getting to Grips
A hands-on gallery of building construction aimed at KS2 Science, Design and Technology. Details
Building Materials - Building Blocks

Six Trolleys, each explaining one aspect of building construction - timber framing, topography, room use etc.

Themed Guided    Tours and Workshops

These sessions can be focussed on a particular theme and enable young people to  understand the structures and skills from the medieval period to more modern times.  You may be interested to combine these with one of our other workshops and/or a visit to our collections store to handle original artefacts.  Discuss your requirements with us.

Click here to see the Museums' risk assessments associated with some of the activities that may be included. 





Gridshell Tour
A guided tour of the Jerwood Gridshell Space including an history of the building and design techniques involved, with time to record the appearance and analyse structures and patterns.  A tour of the basement store housing the Museum's collection with a member of the curatorial team. Details
Traditional Farming Sessions
An introduction to Medieval, Tudor or Victorian arable and livestock farming. Details
Side by Side Farming Visits to the Museum and Goodwood.
These visits take advantage of the connection between the Museum and the Goodwood Estate nearby.  Map of Goodwood.

An introduction to traditional historical farming in the morning at the Museum and an afternoon spent in the dairy and arable Home Farm on the Goodwood Estate.

Investigating and handling archaeological artefacts.  How do archaeologists find out how people lived in the past? Details

Other Information

Fireplaces The Museum's buildings contain examples of the development of fireplaces from a simple open hearth through smoke bays to chimneys.  A tangible example of design evolution. Details
Lime This document traces the history of lime, its production and its various uses in building construction and decoration. Details
Wattle and Daub A building material used since the Bronze Age and evident iin buildings at the Museum. Details
Roofing Materials The history of thatch and other roofing materials such as tile, shingle, stone and slate Details
Making Bricks by Hand The buildings and equipment used in hand brick making. Details
Gardens , Orchard and Shaws Landscape features surrounding the Bayleaf House with the character and detail of its original 16th century setting. Details
The Woodlands Woodlands in the rural economy and the products and processes of traditional forestry. Details
Charcoal Burning Processes in the ancient craft of charcoal burning. Details
Building the Downland Gridshell The construction process explained. Details
How the Lurgashall Mill Works A description, with diagrams, of the workings of the mill. Details

Schools Special Events

Check the Resources page for this years Schools Event Days which relate to Science.

Museum Special Events

Museum Special Event Days cover a wide and interesting range of activities that teachers may wish to use to provide wider experiences to schoolchildren.  For a complete list of these events go to the Museum website.

Adult Courses

The museum has a comprehensive programme of courses for adults on Building Conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes and other countryside topics relevant to the Science curriculum.  For a complete list go to the Museum website.